Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throw Back Thursday


I thought Id do something a bit more traditional and do a Throw back Thursday which I hardly ever do, and as I don't have much time I thought this post will be perfect.

I have been scrolling through my Facebook page for the duration of two cups of tea, and have decided to dedicate this post to some modelling I have done growing up, I really enjoy doing fashion shows, not that I have done one in a long time.

These two were taken at the end of college fashion show which was 3 years ago. :0

wow I think I have changed a lot in 3 years, one thing I do wish is that I still looked like this! 

These were also three years ago, during the summer, these were from a London fashion show.

Yet another London Fashion show again 3 years ago.

I loved doing the London fashion shows, there was such a great atmosphere.

A photoshoot last year for my third year, her collection was amazing.

There you go a nice quick post on my past, it was great reminiscing on the past.

Thank you for reading

Love Jade .x.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Harry's 17th


Ive been a rubbish blogger I know..
and Im not going to get much better till 9th March as that is the day I am travelling 9 hours where Im going to spend my time creating posts for all you to read in the following weeks.

But hopefully to your delight there will be another post this week, a more of a chatty one moaning about the lack of dresses in shops at the moment. 

Back to this post.. 

Some of you may know It was Harry's 17th Birthday (Jacks Younger Brother) and as I love baking I thought I would take it upon myself to make his birthday cake, looking at it now we probably should of bought one! 

All out and ready for my busy day ahead, this was 7:30am yesterday morning.

How cute are these?? Were a christmas present. 

Love my bowl, another Christmas present courtesy of my little brother.

I ended up having to get more!!

I started at 7:30am and didn't completely finish till 6:00pm It was a long hard day and it didn't even turn out as well as I was hoping.

So much cake mixture

With all this cake making theres a massive mess.

A lot of mess means a lot of washing up! 

You have to do it after every cake layer which is means a lot :(

Time to put into the oven and wait....
Ready for the oven

20 mins to go...

Watching and Waiting...

So I was making a car cake, not realising how hard it really was going to be, It was so much work
3 tier cake.

17 Cupcakes for the birthday boy

What a mess!
So for the Final Result...\

If any now would like the recipes comment and I'll do another post with ingredients and methods, If you are looking at doing your own cake and decorating defiantly put a day aside for this as its much harder and time consuming then ever expected.

Happy 17th Birthday again Harry (If your reading this)

Right I better shoot of and get ready for tonight.

Thank you for reading 

Love Jade .x.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tea Rooms


How are you?

Cant believe we are 3 days away from March which means my Birthday month! 

Is it me or is this year flying by everyone, almost three months in already crazing to think, maybe with getting older times goes quicker as I remember hearing people say the year is flying but never really understood but over the last couple of year I feel like I am on fast forward. (In my case not a bad thing.) Or it could be something to do with being crazy busy at university. 

I love everything being on fast forward as I am looking forward to the future, E.g, Getting a Job, Learning to drive (Finally) and Saving for a house. I know this probably sound ridiculous and your all probably shouting at the screen don't wish your life away, and university was the best years of your life, but for me it isn't and Im not wishing anything away, I just can see a future and can't wait to start that chapter. 

(Wow This has turned chatty!)

I love living in the now and appreciating the little things in life. Its nice to slow dow for a day or two and reflect and look forward to things. For me this is usually spent in a little Tea Room with Family or Friends and recently with scones to as I have recently learnt I love them!! 

So this lovely trip into town was with my mum and nan, It was lovely and very well presented in the crockery, I don't no why but I love the old china, Just makes a better tea drinking from a small delicate mug and saucer. Strange I know. We had a lovely catch up the three of us, we was missing my sister though but she was busy working so had to be just the three of us.

There wallpaper and layout is lovely. 
I had a lovely afternoon tea with two beautiful ladies and now I am having a nice tea in bed reminiscing on our great chilled afternoon, Now it is time to get back to work.

For me this is a very happy post, I hope it was for you two, I really enjoyed writting more chatty stuff hope you enjoyed this quick update and if not I hope this very happy pug put a smile on your face on hump day.!

Love Jade .x.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Walking in Kent

Hello again,

How have you been?

You may or may not know that I really love walking and exploring and Ive always preferred it in new places instead of my home town, but my mind has been changed as last week we did two great walks in kent.

We walked to Kingsdown and back along the seafront, the sea has to be my favourite place to be.

I think Oscar loved it too.

My Older Brother and his lovely Kiddies

Climbing the massive stone wall, was hard work took me a couple of tries and my Dad even had to pull me up.

My Nephew doing what he does best running!  

Kings of the Castle.
We had a lovely long and cold walk which was lovely to get out and blow all the cobwebs away with all the family.

Love Jade .x.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cake Making Failure.


Recently we have had my older brother and his young family staying with us which is absoulotly perfect.

I miss them so much and think they should move back so we can see them all grow up and help them out.

Anyway I was making cakes for Jacks Valentines present as we didn't do presents for valentines. This being said the girls wanted to help and how could I of said no?

So I can here you asking why is this a failure? What could have gone wrong?

Well first of all I was going to post about these cakes with the recipes and how I made them, but silly me with looking after my two nieces I only managed to get three pictures. Secondly I didn't even take a picture of the out come.

So all intentions were good in the beginning.

Suddenly time to lick the spoon. opps.
We had a great time baking, I love backing, I have a secret project going on to do with baking and I can't wait to be able to reveal it.

We made Red Velvet Cupcakes and then a normal Victoria Sponge. 

Thank you for reading. 

Love Jade, Emily and Lily .x.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Instagram Update


If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'd have realised I am working from home with all my loved ones and I have extended my trip by another which is great but I have a lot of work.

In a result of this I am going to post my latest Instagram Images so you can have a feel of what I have been doing and loving while being at home.

We have a very large family us Sharples, but I love them all and it is great being close to them over the last week. 

As you can see I am a big animal lover. 

Thank you for sticking by me throughout this blog, Id love your reviews on my blog, would you like a more consistent post time and days or keep it random and as regular as I can? 

Thank you again. 

Love Jade .x.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gylly with Georgia!


This happened a while back but have been meaning to share my lovely lunch date with Georgia!

So with the stress and hectic timetables I haven't had much chance to see the girls over the last couple week but have been wanting to and meaning to, so after a quick meeting at University we decided to go to Gylly Cafe for a spot of lunch and one of their famous hot chocolates.

The weather wasn't great but for me it made the hot chocolate more worth it!  

Originally we went for hot drinks and cakes as a snack, but a table close by ordered some chips, and you all must know when you get a smell of great chips its hard to say no. hahah.

This may of happened! :D 
 I had a lovely time and it was great to catch up over lovely food and drink with an amazing calming view!

Thank You for a lovely lunch date!

Love Jade .x.